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Your Life Belongs to You.

Take It Back.

So many of us spend our time tucked away, all safe and sound in our tidy little lives, controlled by self-doubt, harmful habits, fear, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Before we know it, days start to turn a shade of gray and we give up on our dreams.

It is not that we don’t long for change, it is not that we are not discontent with our current situation; it is that letting go of self-doubt, harmful habits, fear, limiting beliefs and negative emotions sounds scary and impossible.  It requires a big leap of faith.

But remember, just on the other side, far beyond our wildest imagination, is a magical, mystical, uncharted territory call ‘Possibility’. 

The truth is that is possible, and with the right tools quite simple to let go of self-doubt, harmful habits, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and fear.


Our Unconscious Mind determines most of our behavior.

Working directly with the Unconscious Mind we can solve many behavioral issues, release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and create new empowering beliefs & behaviors,

safely, easily and effortlessly.

As a Certified Master NLP/ M.E.R.®/Hypnosis Practitioner and Trainer, LOA coach and Energy Healer

I use tools to help you permanently  transform your life

Working together


My coaching aproach

My coaching style is based on four essential elements  required to create significant, permanent change in your life.

1. Release. Let go of negative emotional baggage and limiting beliefs holding you back and sabotaging your success.

2. Clarity & Vision. Having a clear picture of WHO you want to be and your GOALS, give direction to the Unconscious Mind. Knowing & adjusting your core values turns your unconscious mind into your ally.

3. Action. Take intentional action towards the vision, guided by newfound clarity and empowered by your loving yet stern coach (ME).

4. Focus. Energy goes where attention flows. Keeping the attention on the GOALS harnesses the power of manifestation.

Every service I offer, targets one of more of these essential elements.

During all sessions, I use techniques that leverage the power of the Unconscious Mind; techniques from NLP, Mental and Emotional Release®, Hypnotherapy, Interactive Guided Imagery® and Energy work.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions builds up on the Breakthrough session results.

Adds up to the second element Clarity & Vision by..

  • Creating a clear picture of WHO you want to be

  • Further tune up your GOALS

  • Further adjust your core values hierarchy to support and align with your GOALS.

But great clarity and a detailed goal are not very effective unless they are followed with Action and Focus.

This is where most people fail, they get stuck. My purpose is to create a safe space, to support and guide you while holding you accountable for your commitments.


Coaching sessions focus on: Action & Focus while fine tuning as necessary the first two elements: Release & Clarity and Vision.


Different packages available: 3, 6, 12 months.


Breakthrough Session

Focuses mostly on the first of the four essential elements: Release by..

  • Releasing negative emotions:

    • Anger​

    • Sadness

    • Fear

    • Hurt

    • Gilt

    • Anxiety

  • Removing limiting beliefs

Additionally, lightly target second element: Clarity & Vision by..

  • Creating a goal aligned with the new empowered YOU.

  • Identifying & adjusting your core values.


You will feel energized, awake, motivated, and aligned with your purpose.


For one area of your life, e.g. career, family, relationships, health & fitness.

Breakthrough Session is an 8-10 hour experience, executed over two consecutive days.


It's like liposuction for the mental and emotional bodies.


Bonus: One 60min follow up session.


Quit Smoking

Ready to quit smoking without anxiety or cravings?

Ready to improve your health, wealth and relationships? Your self stem?

Quit smoking in just ONE 60-minute session!

Studies show that hypnotherapy has an over 90% success rate in kicking this stinky habit.

I am so confident it works (and it will as long as you truly want to quit), that I will refund you for the session if it doesn't.

 (What do you have to loose?) 

The session starts with an interview to clarify:

  • Reasons for quitting

  • Triggers

  • Smoking Habits

  • Challenges experienced in the past

  • A compelling future as a NON SMOKER

Followed by a live hypnotherapy session to install the NEW behavior in your Unconscious Mind.

And a follow up 30min session to calibrate, adjust and celebrate the newest NON SMOKER.

It works as well for vaping and cannabis.

Success Stories

What happy clients are saying about Liliana and her work

“Liliana expertly and compassionately guided me through an emotionally challenging process including releasing lifetimes of baggage of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and anxiety. She was extremely loving and patient and held very clear comforting space for me to be able to let go.

I hired Liliana because I am moving from being an employee to having my own business and she specializes in empowering women. She helped me release the emotional baggage and clean up the old programs that were interfering with my ability to move forward. I felt supported and inspired throughout the process and I recommend that if you’re a woman looking to take the next step in business that you call Liliana for a breakthrough session.”

- Deborah C.

Before the breakthrough session I felt insecure, scared, small – like a little ant. My goal was to let go of the fear and self-doubt in my personal and business areas. I decided to work with Liliana because I liked her confidence and I could tell she has a BIG heart and lots of love to give to so many lost souls out there. Working with here was fun and I liked how respectful she was of other beliefs.

Now I feel empowered and capable of achieving anything I want. Since I started working with Liliana, I got a new job and started doing things that I had given up on.

I’m grateful for her work, Liliana is a being of Light that God put on my path"

         - Martha M.

“Liliana makes deep growth so easy and fun that you often don’t even realize it’s
happening until you notice things in your life changing in wonderful, surprising ways."

- Joanna P.

“Liliana knows when to listen, when to challenge, when to comfort and when to offer
compassion, wisdom or resources, at the perfect time"

- Natalia R.

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