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Are your beliefs for your or against you?

Are you struggling to achieve your goals, to get the work done or to stay motivated?

Are you frustrated because you can’t find yourself doing what you KNOW you need to do to start/grow your business? Are you tired and loosing hope?

If so, your BEST next move is to slow down and take time to reflect on your beliefs; there are three beliefs that are FUNDAMENTAL to the success of any goal:

1. I believe is possible

2. I believe I can I do it

3. I believe I deserve it

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, your unconscious mind will sabotage your efforts because one of its jobs is to make sure you comply with your beliefs.

What can I do you may ask?

Fortunately, there are some ways to change a belief; below are some of them.

1. Question the validity of your belief. Many of our beliefs are created at an early age, mostly unconsciously. Ask yourself: Why do I believe that? When did I start believing that? What do I rather believe?

2. Ponder on the fact that the person you were when the event that triggered this limiting belief happen is completely different than the person that you are now. How you would feel, how you would react today is completely different than back then. Based on this fact, is this a valid belief?

3. NLP Sub modalities Belief change process. Every memory, thought, belief is represented & stored in the unconscious mind; changing the sub modalities of the belief it can be replaced with an empowering belief.

4. Mental and Emotional Release process – M.E.R. One of the goals of M.E.R is to identify the limiting belief root cause of all limiting beliefs and remove it; removing the root cause removes others beliefs.

The last two ways deal with the unconscious mind, therefore they are faster and more effective than the first two that deal with the conscious mind.

As you set goals for 2021, remember that is not enough to be clear about our goals, you also need to have your beliefs on your favor and not against you.

Make sure to check on these three beliefs around each goal and make changes as necessary.

To learn more about how to quickly and effectively make belief work on your favor, schedule your complementary 30-minute strategy session by visiting the Schedule section.



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