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Success Stories

What happy clients are saying about Liliana and her work

“Liliana expertly and compassionately guided me through an emotionally challenging process including releasing lifetimes of baggage of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and anxiety. She was extremely loving and patient and held very clear comforting space for me to be able to let go.

I hired Liliana because I am moving from being an employee to having my own business and she specializes in empowering women. She helped me release the emotional baggage and clean up the old programs that were interfering with my ability to move forward. I felt supported and inspired throughout the process and I recommend that if you’re a woman looking to take the next step in business that you call Liliana for a breakthrough session.”

- Deborah C.

Before the breakthrough session I felt insecure, scared, small – like a little ant. My goal was to let go of the fear and self-doubt in my personal and business areas. I decided to work with Liliana because I liked her confidence and I could tell she has a BIG heart and lots of love to give to so many lost souls out there. Working with here was fun and I liked how respectful she was of other beliefs.

Now I feel empowered and capable of achieving anything I want. Since I started working with Liliana, I got a new job and started doing things that I had given up on.

I’m grateful for her work, Liliana is a being of Light that God put on my path"

         - Martha M.

“Liliana makes deep growth so easy and fun that you often don’t even realize it’s
happening until you notice things in your life changing in wonderful, surprising ways."

- Joanna P.

“Liliana knows when to listen, when to challenge, when to comfort and when to offer
compassion, wisdom or resources, at the perfect time"

- Natalia R.

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